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"Here's To Amsterdam" by The Bottles

Here's to Amsterdam is the Bottles first and most celebrated musical release, harkening back to a time when music provided a non-video escape to that special place that only you could go within the misted caverns of your own mind.

Designed as Album Oriented Rock (AOR), this "thrill and chill-out" collection captures the fresh lively flavors of Gen-x youth and the spiritual mysticality of experimental drug use (without the actual use of drugs).

I personally guarantee this music, and I'll give you double your money back if you don't receive satisfaction from this product. (Your definition of "double" may vary from that of and its shareholders.)

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Here's To Amsterdam MP3
01 Breathe In The Air '73 (05:32)  
02 Domestic Domicile (04:07) Listen
03 Resting Soul (06:43) Listen
04 The Children Of Today (04:02)  
05 It's Never There (04:38)  
06 The Early Ballad Of Lawrence & Cathy (02:34) Listen
07 Stream (03:18) Listen
08 The History Of Broadcasting (04:39) Listen
09 Travelling Girl (04:46)  
10 Carry Me Home (01:39) Listen
11 Flight Of The Nam Fairies '68 (04:50)  
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"Phantom Cargo" by The Bottles

The Phantom Cargo. All that you have in this album is that which you bring in with you. It is entirely inert. This work's energy activates off of the spiritual reverberations within the recesses of one's subconscious. This music is utterly impartial.

Influenced greatly by the Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois works of the 1970s, this ambient offering builds upon that tradition by introducing a variety of organic instrumentation (including bagpipes) to the soundscape's palette. This album's diversity pours a liquid lounge chair upon which your soul can find fruit for its waking trance.

This is lush ambience. It is non-vocal, occasionally melodic, occasionally haunting. It aims to pacify the inner gears of the ever querying psyche. It's icy and diverting. It's warm and beautiful.

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Phantom Cargo MP3
01 Intro (1:29)  
02 The Hills Of Tippecanoe (2:49)  
03 The Sighing Wind (2:33) Listen
04 The Very Deep (4:40) Listen
05 The Ascension Of MamaCass (4:52)  
06 Life At The Northern Star (2:58) Listen
07 Distant Train (2:12) Listen
08 The Burning Man (3:38) Listen
09 Moonlight Sonata Elvis (4:21)  
10 Flight Of The Nam Fairy V1 (4:35)  
11 Opus 01 (3:52)  
12 Orion (1:25) Listen
14 The Ear Infection (3:50)  
15 S. Laq Mich Cicada (4:02)  
16 Rising Light (5:11) Listen
17 Morning On Clam Pond (6:02)  
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Jacott & Lehr

"Jäb & Jen"

The Bathtub Bit (00:48) Listen
Who Stood On A Duck? (00:43) Listen
The Tellyphone (00:45) Listen
Jäb & Jen ©1998 Carlos Jacott and John Lehr.
Unauthorized distribution is prohibited. Recorded by Seymour Music.
Produced and edited by Charles Seymour and Bruce Burdick.

Carlos Jacott and John Lehr are renowned comedic improvisers gifted with a 'knack' for the nuances of bizarre situations. Some of their earliest performances together were in "ED", a wildly inventive improvisational comedy troupe assembled by director Jim Dennen and based out of Chicago. They have hence transferred to the beautiful city of angels and continue to generate a voluminous quantity of improvisational gold. In addition, on the side they've both happened to appear in numerous major motion pictures, prime-time television series and national advertisements.

In this improvisational piece, "Jäb & Jen" is a fictional (?) Latvian comedy team, circa 1954, idolized by two bland and fawning public radio talk show hosts. It's a brilliant combination of childish slapstick, and dry, subtle satire of such things as over-studied fanhood, the mindfully loving yet mind-numbing affirmations of public radio hosts, and the indignity of fame's oft slow demise.

Carlos and John play both pairs of characters in this straight-through improvisation audio play. The piece is designed to sound like a genuine NPR show (albeit from a strange perhaps alternate world). In particular, various "clips" of Jäb & Jen were designed to sound like live period recordings. With responsive audiences and on different qualities of media — Carlos and John drift effortlessly back and forth between the two sets of characters without skipping a beat. Only the aural environment changes around them. The original timing is left intact in the edited version. In addition, many foley sounds were added to create the illusion of an actual radio studio. Available here are excerpts from this radio play.



Other tunes by The Bottles and Friends

01 Blackbird (2:19) Listen
02 Blessed (2:45) Listen
03 Bloomsday (1:53) Listen
04 Boat Think (1:42) Listen
05 Buck Roger's 25th Century (4:48) Listen
06 Bud Can (2:11) Listen
07 Days of Living (5:10) Listen
08 The Deepest Lake in California (3:51) Listen
09 Demo_Carrion Days (4:33) Listen
10 Demo_Cycles of This Place (2:15) Listen
11 Demo_Keyboard '00 (2:08) Listen
12 Demo_Keyboard '01 (2:18) Listen
13 Demo_Keyboard '03 (2:56) Listen
14 Demo_Mavin Hamlisch Sandwich (3:34) Listen
15 Demo_Seasons of Mind (3:16) Listen
16 Demo_The Day the Big Noise Died (4:35) Listen
17 Demo_The Lathe of Heaven (3:35) Listen
18 Earth Day '95 (5:02) Listen
19 Eastern Religion (4:16) Listen
20 The Fallen (2:13) Listen
21 Finding Water (4:38) Listen
22 The Front (1:13) Listen
23 The Graduate (5:31) Listen
24 The Great American Roadway () Listen
25 He Is Jesus (1:09) Listen
26 He Is the Role Model (1:08) Listen
27 The Hills of Taunenbaum () Listen
28 Home (1:24) Listen
29 I Gotta God (2:34) Listen
30 The Industrial Parade (4:43) Listen
31 Just Another Day (4:20) Listen
32 King's Rook (3:13) Listen
33 The Lady in Black (2:58) Listen
34 Mrs. Executive (2:37) Listen
35 Old Slow Moon (2:00) Listen
36 Pop Rock Time (1:32) Listen
37 Production (3:10) Listen
38 A Public Service (7:19) Listen
39 Quintessential Queen (1:33) Listen
40 The Redbank Variations #1 (1:42) Listen
41 The Redbank Variations #2 (3:37) Listen
42 Revolution '99 (5:10) Listen
43 Rio Llama (5:11) Listen
44 The Rooster (4:10) Listen
45 Silver Streak (1:44) Listen
46 Souland (3:36) Listen
47 Stayin' Alive (2:59) Listen
48 The Sun (3:09) Listen
49 Sunlight Kilometer (7:41) Listen
50 Tricenntenial (1:44) Listen
51 Trippy Stick Shit (4:20) Listen
52 Tuxedo Park, New York 8.19.1998 (3:52) Listen
53 What a Wonderful World (2:35) Listen
54 The Widower (2:22) Listen
55 Woodland Arrival (3:03) Listen
56 The Yuppie Ones (4:03) Listen
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